Growth through Inclusion

Include LXP™ enables inclusive behaviors through the power of technology, data science and human expertise.


Drive an employee led, organization wide culture change

Include LXP™ helps individuals, teams, and leaders to develop valuable habits, collaborate successfully, lead transparently and learn consistently.

Technology that enables human connection

Include LXP™ is a unique people and technology platform that combines both learning and engagement. Watch the demo to learn more about the platform.

Design underpinned by science

A teams first approach

Collaborate easily across geographies, and learn and track progress as a team. Let your employees do what they do best - communicate and collaborate!

The power of good habits

Power inclusive behaviors through simple, attractive and satisfying habit development programs that encourage human connection both online and offline.

Customized but consistent learning

Ensure tailored yet same learning experience no matter what your employees’ roles or where they are based - whether on desk, on shop floor or even on the road.

Power inclusive behaviors through simple, attractive and satisfying habit development.

Johanna Beresford

CEO of In Diverse Company

In time, I believe taking a cultural and inclusivity temperature check at the personal, team and organisational level will become more commonplace. For leaders of the future, it is how they go about providing the conditions for creating lasting change that will really set their organisations apart.

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